Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chuck/The Event - 09/20

Chuck - Thought it was a good episode, although a little slow at the beginning.  I figured that he would be the one to save Sarah and Casey in Russia and that he would tell them about his mom and get back to being a spy.  Laughed at the whole sexting thing when Sarah was asking for help and Morgan was replying.  I figured that Ellie was pregnant and Chuck wouldn't tell her about him become a spy again.  I'm thinking though that this will be the last season for Chuck.  I mean where else can they go in this show?

The Event - Very confusing with all the different time changes and exactly what was going on.  I think the two people they met at the cruise had something to do with the girl's disappearance.  The ending though is what got me interested.  Where did the plane go?  Looks like it got warped to another time or place.  I'll watch next week but if next week isn't good then I might not watch this show.

There have been too many shows that I watch and only last one season.  I watched Invasion and it had big potential and it just didn't go where it needed to go and only lasted one season.  Same is true for Flashforward, which kind of had a crappy ending.  I mean they knew their future and yet they still came true.  Then another blackout with another future.

Tonight I'll probably record Glee and watch it either later tonight or later in the week.  Then tomorrow is the second episode of Survivor:Nicaragua.

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