Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heroes - Thanksgiving (11/23)

It's Thanksgiving for all the heroes.

Noah is having Thanksgiving at his house. Claire is coming and so is Sandra and her boyfriend Doug. While shopping at the grocery store he runs into his old partner (the one he almost had an affair with). They get to talking and he invites her to Thanksgiving and she in turn helps him cook the meal. At the table Claire has a meltdown. She wants to drop out of school and in front of Doug she cuts her arm and he faints. Noah talks to her and tells her she has options and shows her the compass. She of course steals it and guess who comes to dinner, it's Gretchen. Noah invited her because he knew how much she meant to Claire. They go in the car together and Claire says they're not going back to school but will be using the compass to find Samuel. Looks like they're going on a road trip.

Nathan(Sylar) and Peter are having Angela over for Thanksgiving dinner. She arrives and Peter demands answers. She sits down with them and tells them she had a dream that Matt saves Nathan and so she did the only thing she could do to save her son. So she comes clean about Nathan being inside Sylar. Then Nathan turns back into Sylar and he is about to kill Angela and he just can't. Nathan is still inside him and fights until Nathan is back. Then he leaves them and flies out the window.

Hiro is angry at Samuel for not telling him where Charlie is. But he can't kill Samuel because then he will never know where Charlie is. He expresses his hate for Samuel to Lydia and she tells him she can help him. She doesn't understand why Samuel didn't have Hiro save Joseph. Samuel had told them an agent had killed Joseph. So they go back in time and see Samuel killing Joseph. So now Lydia knows the truth and she tells Edgar. At dinner Samuel knows that something is up and he says they have a betrayer. Edgar tells him to tell everyone he killed Joseph but Samuel makes Edgar look guilty and just as he's about to kill him, Hiro stops time. He tells Edgar he can't kill Samuel yet and sometimes a hero has to run and fight later. So Edgar leaves and that makes him look even more guilty. Then Samuel talks to Hiro and there's a standoff and some guy comes and touches Hiro's head. I don't know what he does but it is not what Samuel intended because Hiro disappears.

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