Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Heroes - Once Upon a Time in Texas (11/02)

Last night's episode takes us back to season 1. The day that Hiro met Charlie at the Burnt Toast Diner and the night that Sylar attacked Claire at Homecoming.

We see Hiro standing outside the diner and seeing Charlie. He knows he has to save her from dying. He hides out in the diner and we also see Sylar come in and Noah with his partner. Hiro decides to freeze time right before Sylar is about to kill Charlie. He puts Sylar in a bus and comes back and talks to Charlie, but before he does he realizes he just changed things and he never went back 6 months to meet her so he talks to himself and says he needs to go back. Samuel is also there messing with Hiro and telling him he can't change things. So he sets it all right and geos to talk to Charlie and she is weird because her aneurysm ruptured. So Hiro talks to Sylar and convinces him to save Charlie and he will tell him his future. Sylar saves Charlie and Hiro tells him he will acquire many abilities but he will die alone. Sylar still decides to go to Homecoming.

Noah has a partner that he is meeting at the diner. Looks like they are a little more than friends and she gives him hotel room key. He decides he's happy with his life and his family and they shouldn't have the affair. She gets the Haitian to erase her memory.

At the end once Hiro saves Charlie they decide to be together but she disappears. Samuel says that the former time traveler of his has died and he put Charlie somewhere in time and only Samuel knows where she is. Hiro must help Samuel right a wrong he did and that would be Monhinder laying on the floor of an apartment with Samuel standing there. Looks like Monhinder will be back next week.

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