Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon

I went to go see it Saturday night. We got there 1/2 hour before the show started and had to wait in line to get into the theater. Luckily we already had out tickets (someone ran out and bought them Thursday night). The theater was pretty full and I noticed a lot of little kids (like 10 year old girls) there. There were a bunch of previews before the movie. The movie Lovely Bones looks good. The book has been on my book list for a while.
I thought the movie was great, a lot better than Twilight. I liked how they followed the book pretty well and filled in some gaps. The werewolves were great and I loved the special effects that they did on them. The volturi were great and I loved Aro. They guy that played him (Michael Sheen) was great, he was also great in Underworld (he played Lucian, a Lycan). You could really feel the emotions, especially when Edward left and the tension between Bella and Jacob. I loved when Alice came back and the bickering between her and Jacob. I do think they need to change Jasper up a little bit. He was better than the first movie (he looked terrified and in pain in the first one) but his hair is just awful. Speaking of hair, Kristen Stewart's hair was great, she was wearing a wig and you couldn't tell. I can't wait until New Moon comes out on DVD. Also excited for Eclipse coming to the theaters on June 30, 2010.

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