Monday, November 09, 2009

Heroes - Shadowboxing (11/09)

Just finished watching Heroes and I have a little time so I decided to put this up early.

Matt/Sylar are traveling in an airport made Sylar pack the guns. So it take Sylar 4 hours to talk his way out of going to jail, he is a cop. Then they get a flat tire on the way to NY because they can't fly. Matt and Sylar argue about who has control. A tow truck guy stops to help and just to show Matt he has control he kills him. Stuff him in the trunk and then they go eat at the Burn Toast Diner. Sylar is saying how he almost killed a waitress there (Charlie) and how he can kill the waitress now unless Matt tells him what happened to his body. After much back and forth, Matt tells him. Then as they're leaving cops come (Matt had made him doodle on a napkin that he had a gun and was going to kill everyone). Matt realized that the only way to keep Sylar from doing more harm was to die so he makes like he's pulling a gun and cops shoot him. He's loaded into an ambulance where we don't know if he's dead or alive.

Claire and Gretchen are freaked out because of Becky. Claire goes to the Sorority to see if Becky is there and Gretchen is scared. At the Sorority, the Haitian (Rene) and Noah are there. They also want to find Becky. Noah stays back and searches Becky's room, while Rene and Claire go back to her place so that Becky's powers won't work around them. When Claire gets back Gretchen is packing and says she's going home because Becky is trying to kill her. Claire tells her she's important to her but Becky leaves anyways. Then Samuel comes and talks to Claire about how the real target for Becky was Noah. Apparently Noah killed Becky's parents when she was little and she wants revenge. This is told to us by a stand off between Noah and Becky. They get interrupted by some Sorority Sisters and he goes to Claire's place. He handcuffs Samuel and shows him that he found the compass in Becky's room. In the parking lot while Samuel is being put in his car, Becky shows up and Samuel zaps her with the stun gun. After some hesitation from Noah he lets them go.

Sylar/Nathan wakes up and shifts back to Nathan and flies away from the carnival. When Samuel gets back with Becky he tells her she'll still get her revenge. Lydia tells him that Sylar is gone.

Peter is using his healing ability to heal a bunch of people coming into the ER. He is getting really worn from doing all this. Emma is confused and helps out in the ER. Peter talks to her and finds out that she went to Medical school and dropped out after her second year of residency because she feels responsible for her nephew drowning and her not being able to save him. Peter goes home and takes down all his newspaper clippings. Nathan comes to the door and is glad to see Peter.

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