Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movie I liked

I watched a movie yesterday. I was home Monday and Tuesday with a sick kid, I was also sick myself. I had gotten a few movies from the library so I watched a couple and this one I really enjoyed. It's called Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles (A Very Long Engagement). Obviously it is a French movie, with English subtitles. The movie is from 2004 and it stars Audrey Tautou and it is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It is the story of Mathilde (Tautou) and it is set in the early 1900s in France. She is engaged to Manech, and he goes off to war and she hears that he has died. But she believes in her heart that Manech is still alive. So she investigates what exactly happened to him in hopes of finding him and reuniting with him. It's a fairly long movie, a little over two hours. It is similar to Amelie, another movie I really enjoyed. It is the same director and you can tell by watching the movie. It even has a few of the same actors as Amelie in it. I didn't think I would enjoy the movie as much as I did. Oh and a surprising thing in this movie was Jodi Foster. She played a small part and speaks fluent French in it. I never knew she was fluent. So if you liked Amelie you'll also like this movie.

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