Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lost - 05/06

We are getting close to the season finale. Last night's episode picks up right where we left off.

They show Daniel being shot but this time they show what Jack and Kate were doing. After he gets shot they decide to leave but the Others catch them and bring them forward. Eloise then tells them to put them in her tent. Also one of the Others that captured them is Charles Widmore. Also we find out that Eloise and Charles are together but love is complicated.

Jack is still on board with Daniel's plan, which is to get the bomb and set everything right. Kate is not so sure and thinks that it will kill everyone. Eloise comes into the tent and asks them what they are doing there. She also has Daniel's journal and looks in it and sees the inscription she put there. She says it's her writing but she doesn't remember writing it. Jack tells her what happened and that they need to get the bomb and set everything right. She believes them because she remembers Daniel when he first told her to bury the bomb and he disappeared before her eyes.

Eloise talks to Richard and they set off to find the bomb. Kate wants no part in it and wants to leave, but the hostiles won't let her. Then the hostiles get shot and it's Sayid there. They tell him that Ben is alive and okay. Kate leaves and Sayid comes with Jack, Eloise & Richard. They have to go underground in tunnel and there is the bomb.

Locke comes and meets up with Richard. Him, Ben and Richard set off together to the camp (present day). Locke tells Richard what happened and wants to meet Jacob. On the way to camp, Locke tells Richard that he will be coming out with a gunshot wound to the leg and that he needs to take it out and tell him to get everyone back to the island and that he needs to die. So we see that scene again from another perspective. Then we find out that the island talks to John and that it never did that for Ben. Then they get to the camp and he announces that everyone is to go with him to meet Jacob. Locke tells Ben that they are going to see Jacob so he can kill him.

Sawyer & Juliet are caught and are taken to the station that has all the cameras. There is Phil, Horace and that other guy (I can't remember his name). They hit Sawyer to find out where Kate went. He refuses to talk until he hit Juliet and then he says he'll talk only if him and Juliet get to go on the sub.

Dr. Chang follows Hurley where he meet up with Miles & Jin. They turn a gun on him but he says he believes them and that Daniel told him to evacuate the island. Miles tells him that if Daniel told him that then he better listen. So Dr. Chang decides to evacuate and sends his family away. We see him yelling at his wife to get her to leave. So now it seems Miles understands.

In the sub Sawyer and Juliet share a moment but it's ruined when Kate is also brought to the sub. Juliet looks upset about it now.

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Dan said...

I disagree that they did it for that reason. In fact how did he find the thing that was on the island to get the other thing doing things? I still enjoy reading your posts though.

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