Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm sitting her at my desk listening to If I Were a Carpenter that's on my MP3 player. It's a CD I bought when I was in high school. I knew who the Carpenters were because I had listened to some old records that my dad had around. Even listening to it more than 10 years later I still like this CD. Anyhow listening to it brought me a flood of memories from HS. Some memories are so attached to certain music. There are times when I listen to the 90s station on satellite radio and am reminded of a little snipet of things that happened in that time. Like listening to Crazy by Aerosmith reminds me of me and my friend singing it and dancing to it and annoying some of our other friends. But listening to this CD reminded me of a friend I used to have back in early HS. We were such good friends and I don't know what happened. I think he moved away and we never kept in touch. I wonder what ever happened to him, what he's doing. He was such a support for me and believed in me. We used to have a little journal that we would each write in throughout the school day. I should see if I still have it in that box I have downstairs of my high school things. Admit it, you have a box like that too. You probably never look at it. I should look in mine and see what I find. Probably somethings that were meaningful for me at the time but will probably mean nothing to me now. If you get a change check out If I Were a Carpenter.

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