Monday, November 01, 2010

Supernatural - You Can't Handle the Truth

Wow!  This show is getting better and better.  I wasn't sure about it the first couple of episodes but the last few have really been better.  This episodes starts out with Dean talking to Bobby about Sam.  What is Sam?  Bobby will look into it and Dean says that he will just deal with Sam if they don't find out.  This week is people killing themselves when they ask for the truth.  Turns out it is the Goddess of Truth that is doing it so Sam and Dean have to find her and kill her with dog blood.  Dean asks for the truth and people start telling him the truth.  So he takes this opportunity to confront Sam.  Sam says he froze when Dean was turned into a vampire, but seems to me that Sam is somehow lying.  They find out the Goddess is a news anchor and go to her place to kill her.  She captures them and then asks Dean to tell the truth about Sam.  He tells her that he knows there's something wrong with Sam and that he was ready to kill him.  Then she turns to Sam and asks him for the truth and Sam claims to be telling the truth but he's lying.  The Goddess says he's not human because it's not possible for humans to lie to her.  Sam and Dean team up and kill her.  Then Dean turns the knife to Sam.  Sam finally reveals that he's a better hunter than he's ever been and he just doesn't feel any emotion and that he doesn't know what's wrong with him.  Dean puts the knife down but then beats the crap out of Sam.

So we found out Sam somehow doesn't have a soul.  Castiel doesn't know what's wrong with Sam and he hadn't been answering Dean because he didn't know but he'll look into it.  I hope to see more of Castiel.  Also I'm curious if Samuel is the same way since he also got brought back.

SUPERNATURAL (CW) You Can't Handle The Truth

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