Friday, November 12, 2010

History Center

We went to the MN History Center last month with museum passes I got at the library.  So it was a free day, which is always great.  There was a chocolate exhibit and free craft for the kids.  They were able to decorate a mug with Mayan and Aztec symbols.  The kids loved it and I made some Mexican Chocolate for dinner, I buy Abuelita brand and make it with milk and a splash of vanilla.  After the Museum we went to the Tea House which is a Chinese restaurant and it was really yummy.  I got Sesame Chicken, Dan got Kung Pow Chicken and the kids shared Sweet and Sour Chicken.  We had leftovers and I was able to eat them for lunch.

This is the kids at an ice cream shoppe.  They were able to go behind the counter and make pretend ice cream dishes and malts.  Then they pretended to ring people up and wash the dishes.  They had a lot of fun here.

There was a weather display where they could see all the different winter gear worn over time.  Also there was a sever weather "basement" that was simulating a tornado and the kids insisted on going in but as soon as the tornado hit they were terrified and ran out.

Getting off an airplane.  There was even a little waiting area to sit down and an old vending machine.

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