Monday, December 06, 2010

Last weekend and more

Last week we were all still recovering from Strep.  O developed a rash on Sunday night and she had been complaining of her throat hurting and she had a fever.  So I took the day off last Monday and took her to the Doctor and she had Strep.  I'd had a sore throat since Friday and Dan was starting to get one too so the Dr gave us all antibiotics.  Just a couple more days of medicine.  Apparently the kids' medicine tastes "yucky" and they hate taking it.  At least we are all feeling better now.
I'm nearly done with the Christmas shopping and X has been a great helper wrapping.  He writes the names on the labels for me and puts them on along with a bow.  This past week he had his Winter show at school.  It was very cute.  Saturday we went to the Orchestra Hall to see them perform.  I had never been there and the kids thought the place was pretty cool but they got bored just watching an Orchestra play.  We walked around downtown for a little bit and then headed home and watched Eclipse.
O calls the movies "Mommy's Bella Movies" and she wanted to watch Eclipse again last night.  X on the other hand knows all their names and he was excited to see Eclipse.  He know by the music when a "scary" part is coming and will usually leave the room.
I also got my Christmas cards ordered so I should get them soon and then I can start mailing.  Only three weeks until Christmas!  I have to start baking this weekend.
Also looking forward to Saturday when me and my friend are going to Barnes & Noble at MOA to meet Richelle Mead.  She is the author of The Vampire Academy Series, with the new and last book in the series, The Last Sacrifice, coming out tomorrow.  She has also written the Georgina Kincaid Series, which I'm currently reading.  So excited to be meeting her and having her sign my books.

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