Monday, December 13, 2010

Supernatural - Appointment in Samarra

Looks like this was the last episode for the year and they left it at a cliffhanger of course.  Starts out with Dean going to see a Dr at a butcher shop.  He wants to die and come back to meet with Death.  So he does and meets with Tessa (a reaper).  He asks her to get her boss and she says he's busy and she can't just call him but he comes on his own.  Dean tells Death that he wants to bring Sam's soul back to him and that he'll give him the ring back for it.  Death says that he can bring the soul back and put up a wall so Sam won't remember Hell.  He wants Dean to wear the ring for 24 hours and do Death's job.  If he takes it off then the deal is off.  So Dean comes back to life and tells Sam & Bobby that he's going to do it.  He puts the ring on and Tessa is there to help him.  First up is a guy robbing a store and he gets shot by the owner.  No big deal for Dean.  Then a guy having a heart attack, again no big deal for Dean.  Then at the hospital it's a 12 year old girl with a heart condition.  Dean refuses and Tessa says there's consequences.  Sure enough a nurse goes home early and gets in a car accident and dies.  Her boyfriend is very distraught and gets drunk and drives and Dean sees him and tries to save him.  In the process he takes the ring off and saves him.  He then puts the ring back on and gets the little girl because he knows that he's disrupted the natural order of things.

Meanwhile Sam doesn't want his soul back and calls Balthazar to help keep his soul out.  He tells Sam that there is a spell but he needs the blood of his father.  He needs the blood of his father, but his father need not be blood.  So of course it's Bobby!  So Sam tries to get Bobby and in the end as he's about to stab him Dean comes and saves him and they lock Sam up.

Dean meets with Death again and they talk.  Even though Dean took the ring off Death says he'll get the soul back because Dean is on the right track with Souls and he will be useful.

We end with Death coming to Sam, who is tied down and Dean & Bobby watching while Death puts his soul back.

So will Sam be back to normal or will something still be wrong with him?  We won't find out until January.

Death and Tessa
Tessa and Dean
Death and Dean

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