Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Heroes - 04/06

I thought last night's episode was good. Although from the previews last week I was expecting to see the Petrelli family more.

Matt - He is talking to Mohinder and telling him that Danko is the one they need to go after. Mohinder tries to talk him out of it, but Matt won't listen. So Matt follows Danko and puts it in his mind that someone he loves is in danger. He goes to the house of a Russian girl named Alena. We see that he loves her and she loves him but she thinks his name is Jakob and that he lives in Chicago. After Danko leaves, Matt goes into Alena's house to kill her but he can't. She notices him and is scared at first but he convinces her that he works with Jakob. They talk about him and she tells him that Jakob has family (wife and kids) in Chicago. Matt then tells her that he is not who he says he is and he can show her. He takes her to Danko's apartment and shows her the truth. Danko can't deny it because Matt uses his power on him to tell the truth. Matt tries to shoot Alena but can't. So Danko picks up the gun and fires and time stops. Hiro is there to save Matt.

Hiro, Ando and Baby Matt Parkman - They are traveling to find adult Matt. Baby Matt makes the car stop working whenever he is upset. So they try to hitch a ride with a trucker, but baby Matt stops the truck from working. Ando makes a face that baby Matt likes so they can drive the car. Hiro gets a phone call from Mohinder and he tells them where Matt is. Hiro saves Matt and tells him that he has a son. Matt is happy to see baby Matt and they all leave in a car.

Sylar is having fun with shape-shifting. Noah is suspicious of Danko and Sylar. When they are about to cremate Sylar, he pulls the rod out of his head and find out he's not really Sylar. He runs a DNA test to find out who really died. In the meantime, Sandra is in town to talk to Noah. We see her come and give Noah divorce papers and leave, but it was really Sylar. Noah figures out that it wasn't really Sandra because the signature doesn't match. He goes to her hotel and tries to kill her but finds out it really is Sandra. She kicks him out. He goes back and pulls a gun on Danko and tells him he know about Sylar. Danko tells him who Sylar is impersonating and when they get to the team he denies it making Noah look bad. Noah shoots the guy he thinks is Sylar but we see a lot of blood and he tells him he killed an innocent man. He runs and they chase him. But the man he shot was really Sylar and he was just playing dead. Best line ever "I squeezed out a little extra" when Danko asks him about all the blood.

So now Noah is on the run too. He calls Sandra and tells her that he's on the run and that he will call her later.

Meanwhile Nathan and Claire are going to meet Peter and Angela in Coyote Sands. Once there they begin to dig. They find a body and Angela tells them to keep digging. A car approaches and it's Noah. Also Mohinder was going through his father's things and finds out that he was working on a project Coyote Sands in the 60s.

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