Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lost - 04/08

Last night's episode was all about Ben.

We start out with current Ben waking up and there is Locke. He is surprised to see Locke alive. He tells him that he knew the island would do this and that's why he killed him and also to convince the others to come back. Then he tells Locke that he came back to the island to be judged by the smoke monster. So Locke tells him that he will help him. They go out to the boat and Cesar comes and tells them they can't take it. Ben pulls a gun on him and shoots him and then threatens the other people. Ben and Locke get on the boat and go to the main island. They tie up the boat next to the boat that Sun and the pilot took. They're in the town that he lived in and he goes to his house. He sees Alex's bedroom lit up and he goes in while Locke waits outside. Inside he runs into Sun and the Captain. She tells him that Christian told them to wait there for Locke. But then they are confused because Locke is dead so Ben tells them to look outside the window. There is Locke and he waves at them.

Through flashbacks we see young Ben wake up in the Others' camp. Charles Widmore is angry at Richard for saving Ben but Richard says that Jacob wanted this. Widmore goes and talks to Ben but Ben doesn't remember what happened. Widmore talks to him and introduces himself. Ben tells him that he doesn't want to leave he wants to be a hostile. Widmore says just because he's not with them doesn't mean he's not one of them.

Then we see later when Ben is living with them. He comes back with baby Alex. Widmore had told him to kill her and Danielle. Ben says that Alex shouldn't die. So he takes her as his own and raises her. Then we see Ben pushing Alex on the swings (she's older) and someone comes and tells him that Charles is leaving. We see Ben go up to him by the Submarine and Charles' hands are tied. We find out he's being vanished because he repeately left the island and had a child with an outsider. So now Ben is the new leader.

We see Ben at the docs where Penny and Desmond are docked. He calls Widmore and tells him that he's going to kill Penny and that he sees her. He goes to her with a gun and Desmond sees. He shoots Desmond and then goes to shoot Penny. She pleads with him and tells him she has no relationship with her father and then tells him not to kill her son. He hesitates and then Desmond comes and beats the crap out of him and throws him in the water.

So Ben talks with Sun and the Captain and Locke. Locke doesn't know how to get Jin and Sun together. The Captain decides to go back with the boat but Sun says she's staying. When he gets back to the island, Elena ask him "Where does the shadow fall on the statue" or something like that and he's confused. She knocks him out and tells the other guys to tie him up and that he's coming with them. Ben, Sun and Locke are together now. Locke says he'll help Sun but that Ben has to do something first. He goes into a hiding place in his house and goes down some stairs and pulls a drain plug and says "I'll be outside" and goes outside to wait for the smoke monster. Outside Sun is sitting there and she thinks that Jack lied to them about Locke but Ben convinces her that he really was dead. He tells her to go inside and thinks the smoke monster is coming but it's just Locke. Ben says he's waiting but the smoke monster is taking too long. Locke tells him he needs to go to him. But Ben doesn't know where the monster lives but Locke does.

They go to the temple and Sun waits outside for them. Ben ends up falling when the floor gives in. Locke goes to get something to get him out. While he's gone Ben looks around. There's pillars and strange writing and something that looks like an Egyptian guy offering something to the smoke monster. We see a crate with holes on it and the monster comes out of it. Then we see flashes of Alex and the monster disappears. Alex appears and Ben says he's sorry that he killed her. She threatens him and tells him that he can't kill Locke and he must do everything he says. Then she disappears and Locke comes and gets him out. Ben says that the smoke monster let him live.

Next week looks like it's all about Miles.

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