Friday, April 24, 2009

This weekend

It was not a new Lost on Wednesday. It was just a recap show, I kind of don't like those. Especially since Lost has done a bunch of them and there's really nothing new to learn. I had it on but didn't really pay too much attention to it. I've been watching that new show Southland (NBC on Thursdays) and I'm starting to like it. I think it's better than The Unusuals (ABC on Wednesdays) a show that I think is trying too hard to be different.

Not much going on this weekend. Tonight we're going grocery shopping. We usually go out to eat before the grocery store when we go on a weeknight. I think we might go to 50s Grill (in Brooklyn Center) and I'll probably get the avocado burger (I LOVE avocados and anything that has them in it is what I get).

Tomorrow morning there's a baby sale for Multiple Connections (a group that has mothers of multiples, my mother-in-law is a member and I usually go to the sales) but I'm not sure if I'll go. I don't really need much for the kids and most of the stuff there is for babies. I might just go though to see if I can get any summer outdoor toys for them. We can always use those.

In the afternoon we have my nephew's 2nd birthday party. They live about an hour away so we don't have too far to go. The kids will have fun and who doesn't like cake. I'm sure though they'll be crabby tomorrow night after having a full day.

Other than that my weekend is free. My sister-in-law gave me the first 3 seasons of Supernatural so I will probably start watching that. My friend gave me the first 2 seasons of Dark Angel and I finished watching them last week. That just reminded me how much I liked that show and how I wish they hadn't cancelled it. Why is it that they always cancel good shows while other crappy shows stay. For example I really liked the show Invasion, I think that was on a couple of years ago. It was cancelled after the first season. Then there are shows that should have been cancelled earlier than they were, such as X-Files (once Mulder left it kind of sucked) and Alias (I think 1 season too many). Then I hear that Chuck might not be renewed. That show is awesome. I love where they're taking it and Adam Baldwin is awesome in it. Even the Buymore guys are funny. Also Zach Levi is good in it. Well enough TV rambling, I guess I watch too much of it.

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