Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heroes - Season Finale

Sorry for not posting about Heroes yesterday. I was home with my son and he was sick and I had to take him to the Dr and I had no chance to go online to do anything.

I liked the season finale but I did not think it was great. We learned a few things and were surprised by others.

Sylar is attempting to meet the president. Peter comes to rescue Nathan and then together they decide to try to take him down. Peter is able to touch Sylar and absorb his power. But Nathan is taken by Sylar. Then Sylar slashes Nathan's throat and he's dead. Just like that! He is still trying to get to the president and even gets in the limo with him. He shakes his hand and confusion happens because it's not really the president but Peter. He gives him a tranquilizer and takes him to Noah, Matt & Angela. There they decide to have Matt use his power on him to make him believe that he really is Nathan. So he does that and "Nathan" wakes up and thinks he really is Nathan. They burn Sylar's remains (which is really the shape shifter) to convince Nathan that Sylar really is dead.

Hiro helps free everyone in building 26. He stops time but he's still having headaches and nose bleeds. Mohinder is woken up and tells him that his body is rejecting his power and that he must not use it.

Claire figures out that she's with Sylar and not Nathan. Sylar tells her that they have a lot in common and that since they will both live forever they should be together. She refuses and says she will hate him always.

We also see someone we were lead to believe was dead but I figured she wasn't. Tracy is back and she can control water and move that way. She kills a former guard of building 26.

Noah is caught and put in a cell with Danko who is also caught. He was caught because Sylar made the agents believe that Danko was Sylar because he's a shape shifter. Noah and Danko escape when Hiro stops time.

The new chapter is called Redemption and it starts out I think 6 weeks later. We see Sylar/Nathan and he's in his senate office. Angela comes in to have lunch with him. He says he hasn't been feeling himself. He pauses at a clock and says that it's running 3 minutes behind and fixes it and says he's ready to go. Angela has a worried look on her face. I looks like Sylar will be back next season.

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