Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost - 04/15

Last night we learned about Miles.

It starts off with Miles being a little boy and him and his mother renting a place to stay. He gets money for the candy machine and on the way there he "hears" someone in an apartment. He goes there and opens the door and the guy is dead, but he can "hear" him talking. His mother comes in and he tells her that guy is still talking and she tells him that he's dead.

Then we cut to him being older and visiting him mom while she's very sick. He has a bunch of piercings on his face. She tells him that his father died and that his body is someplace he can never go.

Then we cut to him being older and telling some guy that his son loved him and that he knew that his dad loved him. The guy pays him and as he's getting in the car, Naomi comes to him and tells him she has a job for him. She brings him to a dead guy and he "hears" that he was delivering stuff for Widmore and that he was killed. So Naomi tells him they're going to an island and that he can have $1.6 million dollars if he goes. So Miles decides to go. But then some guys in a van take him and tell him he can't go because he's working for Widmore and that's the wrong side to be on. They ask him "What lies in the shadow of the statue" and he can't answer so they tell him he's not ready to go.

Back on the island he is sent on an errand to get a "package", which is really a dead guy from Dharma Initiative. He questions the guys and they say there was an accident and the guy fell in a hole, but he has a gun shot to the head. Miles takes the guy but in the van he "talks" to the guy. He brings him to Horace and he tells him to bring him to Dr. Chang at the Orchid Station. Hurley insists on going with him because he has to bring the guys lunch there. They meet Dr. Chang and he takes the body. Hurley says that Dr. Chang is a jerk and that's when Miles tells him that Dr. Chang is his dad. I kind of figured this out a while ago. Anyways Hurley asks why he doesn't get to know him and Miles says that he abandoned him when he was a baby and that he dies. Then he tells Hurley he figured out he was his dad when he saw his mom in the cafeteria. Dr. Chang gets a ride with them to another part of the island. In the car Hurley asks Dr. Chang about himself. We learn that Miles is 3 months old and then Hurley says it's a coincidence that Miles has the same name. He tells them that they should get together and get a beer. They drop him off and drive away.

Hurley tells Miles about seeing dead people from the island and Miles tells him that's not how it works. Then he steals Hurley's notebook and we find out Hurley is writing Empire Strikes Back since he knows it by heart and it hasn't been written yet. Then he tells Miles about his dad and how he abandoned him when he was 10 and the he came back and got to know him and how he's glad he got to know him. Then Miles goes to Dr. Chang's house and sees him holding baby Miles. Dr. Chang gets a phone call and runs out of the house and tells Miles to give him a ride because some scientists are here. When they get there, Daniel Faraday comes out of the sub and Miles looks surprised to see him.

Other island things happening is that Ben's dad finds out he's gone. Kate and Juliet say they stepped out for a minute and when they came back he was gone. Kate feels bad and tries to talk to the dad to tell him everything will be okay but he's suspicious that she knows something. A guy comes to Sawyer's house and tells him he saw him on the video. He knocks the guy down and tells Juliet to get some rope.

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