Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heroes - I Am Sylar

Last night's episode was good, all about Sylar and his identity crisis.

We see Sylar and Danko talking and him telling him that he needs to take over one of the agents for his cover. So Sylar takes over that agent's life. We see him wake up in the apartment as that agent and then he goes to the mirror and says "Not again" and shifts back to Sylar. Then pulls an extra tooth out of his mouth. Then we see him in Danko's office as himself. Danko has a talk with him about how "Sylar" died so he could be free. Sylar doesn't see it that way because he says shifting is messing with him and he isn't truly himself and that he found an extra tooth in his mouth and one of his eyes took over an hour to turn back to the right color. Danko tells him that he's lived many different lives and that he always knows who he is because he has his father's watch to remind him. He shows it to Sylar and he tells him that his watch is loosing 5 seconds every hour. Then Danko asks who he killed to get that power and he says that was the only one that was his own. So Danko suggests he have something to remind him of who he is.

He gets all the files on his mom's unsolved murder. We see flashbacks of his mom dying and then he shifts into his mom and has a "conversation" with her. Totally going Psycho there. She convinces him to maybe become president.

Danko knows where Rebel is and they go to get him. Sylar gets to Micah first and Micah says he know what he's going through. Micah knows about the identity crisis and that Sylar can help all the heroes. Sylar decides to help Micah and shifts into him so they can shoot him and kill him. We see him talking to Danko and he says they didn't find the kid's body and Sylar says "dead is dead". Micah is sleeping on Sylar's couch and he hears Sylar talking to his "mom" and then Sylar gets mad and kicks him out. He tells him that if he ever sees him again he'll kill him.

Then Sylar goes to Nathan's office and shifts into him. He gives the speech that we saw at the end of last season. Then the real Nathan comes into his office and faces Sylar. Just as he's about to cut his head open, Danko comes in with tranquilizer gun and shoots Nathan. Sylar gets upset and then Danko stabs him in the back of the neck. We think Sylar is dead because he falls over and then he gets up and pulls the knife out. Danko is totally shocked and the Sylar says "that really hurt!"

Also in the episode: Ando and Hiro plot to take down building 26. Hiro lets Ando get captured but nearly gets himself captured and they escape. We see Hiro have headaches when he stops time. Then Ando was supercharging him and Hiro gets a horrible headache and gets a nosebleed. Matt decides to stay with his family and go into hiding. He hears the agents coming and tells Janice they need to go. But then he decides that he cna never have a peaceful life if the agents are still out there hunting them. So he decides to fight. Just then agents come through the door and he makes them invisible to them so they don't get captured. Mohinder is in Coyote Sands and he gets captured. Noah, Angela and Claire are driving and they look like they also will get captured.

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