Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Heroes - The Wall (02/01)

I thought last night's episode was good and I loved the Sylar/Peter story! I can't wait until next week.

Claire and Noah are still at the Carnival. Claire demands to see her father and Samuel tells her that her father hurt people and he's a bad man. So she takes her to the house of mirrors and she sees his past. His past is that he used to be a car salesman and had a wife and she was pregnant. A special came into their house and killed his wife. Since that day he has been out to get that guy and accidentally kills another special looking for the guy. Thompson comes to him and tells him that he wants to offer him a job at The Company. So we find out how he became part of that. Then him and Thompson are eating and Thompson tells him that he's killed too many and he needs to calm down and take a wife and have kids. So he points to the waitress, which happens to be Sandra. Claire is upset and Noah tells her that he did love Sandra and that the past is the past. But we see him threatening Gretchen into helping him keep Claire away from Samuel. Claire is upset and leaves and Samuel comes. She sarcastically says that her dad is bad and that she should stay with Samuel, but she tells him that her father may have done bad things but she loves him and he's still her dad. So he tells her they can leave and while she's getting Noah out of the souvenir trailer, Samuel sinks them about 50 feet underground. The reason he did that is so Claire can watch Noah die. Samuel and gang are packing up to leave.

Peter is stuck in Sylar's dream. Sylar finally finds him and tells him he's been alone for 3 years, but Peter tells him its only been a few hours. After some convincing that Peter is real he tells Sylar he needs him to help Emma. They go back and forth about things. Peter is upset that Sylar killed Nathan and will never forgive him. In the course of years, Sylar changes to a better person and Peter accepts him and they get out of the dream. As they're about to leave a bunch of Elis come to stop them. I doubt they can stop Sylar!!

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