Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heroes - The Art of Deception (01/25)

I thought it was a good episode and was glad the it only really focused on two story lines.

Claire goes to visit her dad to talk things out. But Lauren opens the door and Claire sees that they are planning to strike the carnival. She gets mad and leaves, she goes to warn Lydia. Of course Eli overhears and tells Samuel. He says he will give himself up to keep the carnival safe. Meanwhile Noah and Lauren are nearby and he's ready with a gun. They decide to meet on the field and Lauren says she will meet him and Noah stays on looking. Samuel gets on a platform and tells the Carnies that he's leaving to keep him safe and then he gets shot in the shoulder and more shots are fired. Including Claire getting shot in the neck. They are making it seem like it's Noah doing it but I know it wasn't and sure enough it's Eli. Noah shoots Eli, but it was just a clone doing it and the real Eli knocks him out and bring him to the carnival. Lauren also got shot and she stays hidden. Samuel's plan worked and now the carnival things the humans are bad and Samuel is not so bad anymore. Lydia also gets shot and she learns his plan but then dies. Edgar comes and sees Lydia dead and tells Samuel that he told Noah about things. Claire is locked in Samuel's trailer and Noah is in the house of mirrors.

Peter goes to visit his mother. He tells her that he saw the dream and that Sylar will save her. So he says he needs to find Sylar.

Sylar is still at the Parkman house when Matt comes home. He's pretending to be and old colleague and Janice makes them lunch. Then they talk and Sylar says he wants his powers gone and wants Matt's help. He says that he will use his powers on Janice and Matty unless Matt gets rid of them. With the help of Janice, Matt realizes what he must do. He traps Sylar in a nightmare, like Maury had done to him. Then Peter comes and takes Matt's power and find Sylar. He goes into the nightmare with him.

Next week it looks like Peter and Sylar will try to escape the nightmare.

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