Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Heroes - "Upon This Rock" & "Let it Bleed" (01/04)

We start off with the recap of Nathan/Sylar jumping off the roof.

Peter and Noah stage a flying accident where Nathan is killed. This is so the media knows he's dead and of course they hold a funeral. Peter is not grieving and his mother is concerned and asks Claire to help him deal with it. Peter is dealing with it by keeping the promise he made to his brother about becoming a hero. So he is on the roof listening to police radio and when Claire goes and finds him he's gone but she knows where he went. Some guy in some office is shooting everyone because he got fired. Peter tries to calm the guy down but he gets shot in the shoulder. Him and Claire have a talk and he asks for her power and she reluctantly gives it to him. She says she won't always be there when he needs her. They once again go up on the the roof and Peter asks if she still keeps in touch with West. Claire calls him and he meets Peter and he gets his power. We of course don't get to see West at all. Peter flies off.

At the beginning of the episode(s) Claire is at the Carnival. She talks to Lydia and pretty much guesses that there's something wrong with Samuel and that he killed Joseph. She tries to sneak into his trailer, she saw him with a Primatech box earlier. But Samuel had Eli (the guy that can clone himself) follow her and not let her leave. After much chasing, Claire bonks him over the head and his clones disappear and she gets into the trailer. She finds a map and an old picture of Samuel and Joseph. As she's leaving she's stopped by Doyle. They exchange some words and Claire convinces him to let her go. Claire confronts Samuel about killing his brother and all the awful things she things he will do. He takes her to the field where we see someone making it green and pretty. Now Claire doesn't think Samuel is so bad. She goes to Nathan's funeral.

Samuel pays a visit to Emma. Emma is upset because she wanted to be a doctor but didn't get accepted. She goes home and is about to play the cello when Samuel knocks. He tells her that he has an ability like her. He tells her that she can play music to lure people like a siren. He has her go to the park and concentrate on a man and he comes. That man is the one he takes back to the carnival, he can make things grow.

Also Sylar is back! He comes to the Carnival to kill Samuel but he can't. There's a part of him that is no longer a killer. Samuel gets some sand and "kills" him. While he's regenerating he talks to Lydia and tells her to talk to him and find out what wrong with him. She tries to seduce him but he won't have it and takes her ability without killing her. Her ability is to know what people want. Sylar is confused and asks Samuel for some ink so he can find out what he should do. Samuel says he needs to stay at the carnival. So they wager on what the tattoo will reveal. We get an anticipation and Sylar sees an image on his arm and runs off. The Carnival was not where he is supposed to be.

Hiro is in Japan and very confused. He rambles on about being and Jedi and saving the world. Police pick him up and they find a business card and contact Ando. Hiro's sister thinks he need help, as in a neurosurgeon. But Ando figures out that Hiro is trying to tell them something through comic books. He figures out that there is a psychiatric ward Hiro wants to go to. I'm assuming is to get Mohinder out.

Noah goes back after the funeral to his apartment. Claire told him not to come to the visitation afterwards. She's mad at him for lying about Sylar. We see a shadow in the window and then he opens it. It's Edgar and we think he's going to kill Noah but he's prepared and zaps him with a stun gun. He's at an Asian restaurant where he rents out the place for a while and he calls in his former partner (I forget her name). She brings him a truth serum and he tells her he has Edgar locked up in the freezer. After tormenting him he finds out nothing so she tells him to talk to him. So Noah goes in again with some tea and Edgar begins to talk about Samuel and Joseph and how he's collecting people. They draw a map and decide to go in and take Samuel out. But then Edgar gets scared thinking his "family" will die and freaks out and leaves with the map.

At the end we see Claire go back to her dorm. Gretchen leaves a note saying she's at the library studying late. Then we see Sylar outside her window with her face tattooed on his arm and he says "Hello, Cheerleader".

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