Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hereos - Close to You (01/11)

We start off with a really long recap of what's been going on.

Noah is still bent on getting to the carnival. Lauren keeps suggesting that he call Claire and get the compass but he refuses. Instead he finds Vanessa (this is the one Samuel is in love with) and with the help of Matt (who is bored staying home) gets her to talk. She says Samuel still visits her and that she can get in contact with him. So they set it up to have him come and they plan to take him down. But he gets Eli's help and he kidnaps Vanessa. Matt and Noah try to follow him but the carnival disappears and they are back where they started. Matt decides to go home and be with hi family. Then at dinner he says he's a coward because he's not out there dealing with things but Janice tells him he belongs at home. Noah then decides to visit Claire so they can talk about things. She opens the door and tells him she's busy for something and to come back later. Noah goes back to his apartment and then Lauren comes. They kiss and then pop comes Hiro, Ando and Suresh.

Ando gets Hiro committed because that's what Hiro wanted. When they bring him to his room Ando figures out that Suresh is there and that Hiro wanted to rescue him. So they run off with Suresh. Then Suresh says they need Hiro's power to get out of there. Ando zaps Hiro and he goes back to being himself. They then zap out of there and into Noah's apartment.

Peter wakes up with the compass tattoo back. He tries calling Noah and leaves messages. Then Emma uses her siren song to get him to come to her place. He sees the symbol on the cello and tells her Samuel is bad. She refuses to believe. At his apartment he talks to her and tries to convince her about Samuel. Then Angela comes and freaks out when she sees Emma. Peter gets mad at Angela and she tells him that Emma will kill many people and that he can't help her. He takes her power and he dreams about Emma. She's playing the cello at the carnival and she's upset and then Sylar comes and tells her he's there to help her. Peter goes to her house and destroys the cello and tells her what he saw. She gets upset and tells him to leave.

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