Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Up North

We went up to the north shore at the beginning of July.  We went last year and the kids loved it so we thought we'd go back.  Our first stop was Jay Cook State Park.

This is a suspension bridge.  I'm in the foreground with the hat and X is going across.  I absolutely hated crossing it and went fast.  But then X cut his hand on a rock and I had to cross it again with him to go back to the car for a bandage.  I guess I should have been carrying those around with me.
Down by the river on the shore.  Dan and the kids.
Me and the kids on some rocks.  I'm holding on really tight to O because she kept squirming.

After Jay Cooke we got to Duluth.  Since it was lunch time and I had packed some lunches we decided to picnic at Enger Tower.  They have this Japanese Bell because apparantly there is a sister city in Japan.  The kids kept ringing the bell and then we climbed the tower.

The whole family near the bell on a rock
Here is me with the kids in the tower while Dan took our picture
We are in the second window from the top.
We went to Canal Park.  We walked around, the kids fed a few sea gulls.

The next day after breakfast we headed further north to Tettegouche State Park.  Our plan was to hike up to the big falls and the on the way back stop at the smaller falls.  Well after a mile the kids were too tired to keep going and we stopped at the smaller falls.  We figured that the bigger falls were 1/2 mile away and that would mean 1.5 miles back and we did not want to be carrying two kids back. 
Me and the kids by the small falls.  Dan and X actually climbed up next to the falls but me and O decided to just stay back.

This is a different area where it's calm and there's a beach.  The kids enjoyed throwing the rocks in the water and finding some cool rocks.
This is the lift bridge in Duluth.  We were lucky enough to make it to Canal Park right when a ship was coming in.
This ship was a little over 1000ft long.  The kids thought it was cool.
On our last day there we went to The Great Lakes Aquarium.  It was either that or the zoo and the kids really wanted to see fish.
X petting a sting ray

O petting a sting ray with the help of daddy
On the balcony at the aquarium, there's the lift bridge behind them
Other things we did was eat at Red Lobster for dinner.  The kids loved seeing the live lobsters and X just LOVES shrimp and so he stuffed himself with shrimp.  We also went to go see Toy Story 3.  O got a little bored and X loved it.  We went swimming at our hotel and just walked around a lot.

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