Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Tooth Fairy's First & Second Visit

On Monday I came home and X said "My tooth is really wiggly"  He was so excited.  So we worked on it all night until finally when he was getting ready for bed he pulled it.

Minutes after it being pulled:
Him holding the tooth:

The Tooth Fairy paid him a visit on Monday night.  Then I come home on Tuesday and he says "I think my other tooth is ready to come out too"  I look at it and tell him that it might be a couple of days.  He is determined so we work on it all night.  I yanked it really hard a few times and then made it bleed.  By that point it was in there very crooked and it just needed another yanking.  So I pulled it and he was so excited.  So the Tooth Fairy paid him another visit last night.  He was actually afraid that she wouldn't come to our house two nights in a row.  I told him that she works every night and doesn't mind.

Here he is after loosing his second tooth:

Holding the second tooth:

I think it will be a while before he looses any more since the top ones are barely loose.  But he's excited that he finally lost some.  And now he talks funny.

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