Wednesday, August 18, 2010

End of summer?

It's time for me to start thinking about school and all the things coming up such as fall.  I love fall and am looking forward to it but also not quite ready to let summer go.  I enjoy being outdoors even though bugs always seem to find me and I'm allergic to bees and they always come near me too.  I'm ready though to get my tomato crop and make my spaghetti sauce, go to apple orchards and get some tasty apples, pick a pumpkin and carve it for Halloween.
Speaking of Halloween I have to get the kid's costumes ready.  O will be a witch and I already have a hat and dress for her to wear so I guess she's all set.  X insists on a Pokemon related costume so we decided on Ash Ketchum (a pokemon trainer).  So I just basically have to make him a shirt like Ash wears and the baseball cap and he can just wear jeans and some fingerless green gloves and he can carry his stuffed Pikachu around.  Yeah I think I know way too much about Pokemon.
So add that to my LONG list of things I want to get done.  I just haven't been motivated or had time to work on a craft.  I spend my free time either reading or catching up on shows.  You would think I wouldn't have as much TV to watch in summer but I watch True Blood, Psych & I'm catching up on all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory.  Only 3 more episodes of True Blood left though.  On my to do list is tons of scrapbooking projects that I need to organize and do something about.  Some sewing projects including a new purse for myself.  I found a cute pattern for a child's messenger bag that I am going to make for my purse.  I am thinking of using denim.  Also I still have some material I was going to use to make O a purse.  Not to mention some refashioned shirts I have and also have an idea for a new t-shirt skirt I want to make for myself.  As for crocheting, I have to make Dan a new bookmark.  O chewed the end off and so I told him I'd make him a new one.
I'm sure I'll have even less time to do these things once school starts.  So for now I will enjoy what is left of summer.

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