Saturday, August 09, 2008

We got one!!!!

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday on my lunch break. I was planning to buy a scrapbooking punch along with other things I needed. Well I totally forgot to look for the punch and went back to work. Once I was at work I remembered that I forgot to look for the punch. So I decided to stop after work and see if the had one. I left work 10 minutes early to look for one and got to the store and they didn't have them. So as I'm walking out the door there's this guy that gets stopped by the door greeter and in his cart he has Guitar Hero for wii and...Wii Fit :o So I'm totally surprised that he was able to get one. Dan and I have been looking only for weeks trying to get one and every time I go in the stores I look for one. Well I had forgotten to look when I went there at lunch and also didn't look when I went that afternoon. So I run back to electronics and I'm looking for them and don't see them. Then I notice someone with one in her hand and ask where she got it. She points right behind me and there's only one left. I snagged it before anyone else could take it. So now we have a wii fit. It's actually a lot of fun. Dan and I both like it and Xavier tried it out this morning.

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