Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heroes - Dual

Last night was the fall finale and the finale for the Villains Chapter. On February 2nd we start the new chapter "Fugitives". I thought last night's episode was good and wrapped up a few loose ends. We basically have 3 stories last night, Primatech, Pinehearst and getting Hiro back.

Primatech - Sylar has trapped Angela, Claire, Meredith & Noah and he's going to show them that they are all monsters like him. He's killed everyone else in that facility except the L5, which I think was just the puppeteer guy. He ends up trying to get Claire to shoot Angela by telling her that he'll let her, Mer & Noah go if she does that. She refuses to shoot her. They decided to go looking for him. Meredith gets a shot of adrenaline and it's making her fire power go out of control. Sylar kills the puppeteer without much effort. He locks Meredith and Noah in a cell and gives him a gun with 1 bullet. He expects him to shoot her to save himself. Meanwhile Claire is looking for them. Sylar comes up behind her and tells her that he has to choose, save her dad or her grandma. She of course chooses to save Noah. She sees them locked and can't get them out. Noah tells Meredith to heat up the glass (why didn't they do this before?) and then he shoots it. It doesn't shatter like he wanted but put a bullet hole in. Claire jumps in and saves them. She gets them out but Meredith doesn't want to come because she still can't control herself. I'm wondering why the adrenaline isn't wearing off, but whatever. So they go to save Angela. She tells Sylar that she knows who his parents are and if he kills her then he'll never find out. Claire comes in and gets him in the back of the neck and he's dead. Or so we're to assume. She goes back for Meredith but she tells them to go. Then her fire totally goes out of control and the whole place burns down. Angela, Claire & Noah get out but Sylar & Meredith don't. So we assume that they are both dead.

Pinehearst - Peter is still looking over Arthur's dead body when Nathan comes in. They argue about right and wrong. Nathan tells Peter that he must choose a side. Peter aims a gun at him but decides not to shoot him and just punches him and knocks him out. He then sets out to destroy the formula. Suresh puts up a fight because he wants to cure himself. Then Knox & Flint come in and also want to destroy the formula because they want to be special. Peter knocks over a big barrel of the formula and Mohinder is laying on the floor and gets cured. Apparently the formula can be absorbed. Niki freezes Knox to save Nathan, who wakes up. He goes and tries to stop Peter. Flint lights up the formula that is spilled around Nathan, which is flammable. To save Nathan, Peter injects himself. He doesn't suffer as much as the other people do. I'm assuming he gets the same power back and absorbs Nathan's flying ability. He flies Nathan out and rescues him. Nathan yells at him and they argue. Nathan flies away and now Peter has his ability back.

Ando, Daphne & Matt - They go to Mohinder's loft and find it empty. Daphne then goes and steals the formula just as Mohinder is about to inject himself. Ando then injects himself. They figure out he has a red zapping power (which we knew he would get from the episode in the future where he kills Hiro). They figure out that when he zaps someone it magnifies their power. Matt can listen to everyone's thoughts at once, Daphne can travel faster than the speed of light therefore traveling in time. She goes back in time and gets Hiro. He has stolen the formula and his dad has been chasing him with a sword. He rips the formula in half (that's how it was ripped in half) but as he's about to totally destroy it, Daphne comes and gets him. In the present he says they need to destroy the formula. So they head to Pinehearst and Tracy has just taken the formula. She calls Hiro Pikachu and he punches her and steals the formula. He rips it up into little pieces. So now the formula is gone forever!

Fugitives - A few weeks later Nathan is in a car with another man. He gives him files of people with abilities and tells him to round them up and put them somewhere safe. It looks like next season the Heroes are running just like the future that Peter was in where everyone had abilities and he was chased down by Claire. Also it looks like they get loaded in a plane but they were all wearing masks so I couldn't see who it was.

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