Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Heroes - Our Father

Next week is the fall finale and then we'll start the new chapter "Fugitives" on February 2nd, 2009. I thought last night's episode was really good and it seems like a lot of things were set up for next week's episode.
Hiro - He's 16 years in the past. He follows his parents and sees that his mom is sick. He finds out about the catalyst and how his mother gave the catalyst to baby Claire. He brings her waffles and tells her that he's Hiro from the future. She heals him and he gets all his memories back. She then gives him the catalyst and dies. He goes out to find Claire on the rooftop and tells her he has the catalyst and they can go back when Arthur is there. He takes Hiro's power and the catalyst and throws him off the roof. But he's not dead just hanging on to a pole. I bet his dad will help him somehow.
Claire - She's 16 year in the past too. She follows her dad. She sees Sandra with baby Claire and offers to help her. She then takes care of baby Claire and offers Sandra tips. Then Noah comes in and is suspicious of Claire. She then tells him she's there to help and protect their family and how he can't let the company take baby Claire because of the catalyst. She also convinces him that he'll be a good father and she'll be his Claire Bear. Then she meets Hiro and then Arthur on the rooftop. Arthur sends her back to the present and tells her to send the message about him taking the catalyst. I assume that she's going to tell Angela about it.
Ando, Matt & Daphne - They track down the bike messenger. They finally take the sketch book and see Hiro is stuck in the past with no powers. Their brilliant plan is to find Mohinder and have Ando get the power to travel through time and get Hiro back. I don't think that's going to work out because we saw Ando had a different power in the alternate future.
Nathan - He decides to join Arthur and Pinehearst and take over the company. They perfect the formula because Arthur has the catalyst. They give it to soldier and he gets super-strength. I bet that guy will turn on them. Mohinder is still a monster, and I don't get how the formula will help him get rid of that.
Sylar - He really does kill Elle and then sets her on fire. He decides to go after someone and we find out she has the power to know who's telling the truth. He kills her and takes her power, along with other co-workers. So now he's able to know who's lying and who's not.
Peter & The Haitian - Seriously does that guy not have a name? Anyhow they are told by Angela that they need to kill Arthur. Peter is hesitant because it's his father. She tells him that he wouldn't hesitate to kill any of his family members. So Peter and Haitian go to Pinehearst to kill Arthur. They confront him and Peter hesitates. He finally shoots but Arthur throws the gun from his hand and the bullet stops a couple of inches from his head. It was stopped by Sylar. He asks Arthur if he's really his father and Arthur replies yes. But Sylar knows he's lying. He turns to Peter and tells him he's not a killer but Sylar is. Then turns to Arthur and lets the bullet kill him.
So Arthur is lying dead and we see the catalyst leave him. So is the catalyst gone forever or does Peter now have it? So looks like next week will be good. It's going to come down to Nathan vs Peter. When is Peter going to get his powers back?

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