Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Heroes - The Eclipse Part II

The world's longest eclipse. I think the longest eclipse only last about 8 minutes and this one seemed to last for hours. Anyways here's what happened last night.
Sylar & Elle - While Noah has a gun aimed at them he gives them time to get naked and have sex. Kind of strange, but whatever! So as they're laying there naked, Elle sees that Sylar is going to get shot and they run off in their underwear. Somehow Sylar was able to get some pants on fairly quickly. Noah comes in and is ready to kick some butt. He shoots Elle in the leg. They run off and he chases them. He gets a call that Claire is dying and he must decide to go to his dying daughter or try to kill Sylar and Elle. He decides to hunt down Elle & Sylar. He ends up getting Sylar at some kind of warehouse. Noah and Sylar fight and Noah kicks his butt. He pulls out a knife and slashes his throat and leaves.
Hiro & Ando - Still at the comic book store and Hiro trying to get his memory back. We find out there is no more 9th wonder comics since Issac died but there's supposedly a bike messenger with the sketches. Which we saw in Season 1 right before Issac was killed by Sylar and he puts in the bike messengers bag. So Hiro is reading back issues and then they find out that he has to go back to when Hiro's dad gave Noah baby Claire.
Claire - She dies (surprise, surprise) and then after the eclipse is over she comes back to life. Her and Sandra go home. She's mad at Noah and he realizes that Sylar is alive and will come after them. Then we see Elle and Sylar are there and just as he's about to kill Noah, Hiro comes and take him away, then Elle and finally Claire. We cut to the rooftop and we see Hiro's Dad, Noah, boy Hiro and baby Claire.
Matt & Daphne - She has Cerebral Palsy and she was cured after the last eclipse. But now that this eclipse is happening she's in leg braces again. Matt goes to find Hiro and then realizes that they'll get their powers back after the eclipse is over and heads back to Daphne's house. He finds her fixing a scarecrow she made as kid. He convinces her to go talk to her dad. Blah, kind of a boring plot between them.
Nathan, Peter & The Haitian - Have we ever learned his name? Anyways they're trying to get his brother. They make him bleed and show everyone he's not God. Peter stays back to fight them and then Nathan & The Haitian come and rescue them. Nathan tries to attack the brother but Haitian says it's his fight and he touches his head. I don't know if he kills him or just wipes his memory. Nathan decides to go to Pinehearst and join his dad (idiot!) and Peter tries to convince him otherwise. He flies off leaving Peter with The Haitian.
Mohinder - Arthur insists he find out why they're powerless but he just wants to find Maya. He knocks Flint out and goes to her house. He knocks on the door and the eclipse ends and he's Monster Mohinder again. He leaves and goes back to work with Arthur.
Elle & Sylar are in a beach somewhere. Sylar tells her that they can never change, that they're damaged goods. He starts cutting her head open but we don't see if he finishes it. So is she dead or not?
I thought it was a good episode. I think Hiro's dad will somehow help Hiro get his memory back. Claire will realized just how much Noah loves her. Peter and the Haitian will try to kill Arthur. Maybe Peter will get his powers back (I hope so). I think only two more episodes left of the Villains Chapter. Then the fugitives chapter will start next year (I think February).

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