Monday, November 24, 2008

Heroes - The Eclipse Part 1

Overall a much better episode than last week. Although we are left with many more questions and many were not answered.
Hiro is still stuck as his 10 year old self. They are reading 9th wonders comics and they end up at Matt's house for help. Daphne is scared that Arthur will take away her abilities and she ends up leaving to go back home to Kansas. Hiro, Ando and Matt follow them there and Daphne won't let them in her house. Hiro & Ando go to a comic book store to get more comics to help Hiro get his memory back. Matt goes inside the house and Daphne has leg braces and can hardly walk.
Oh yeah, the world's longest eclipse is ocurring and it is affecting their powers.
Arthur is drawing the future, it shows Nathan & Peter falling, Claire hurt and Noah carrying her, Sylar kissing Elle and Hiro, Ando & Matt in a corn field. He tells Sylar to go find Claire and bring her back and Elle volunteers to go with him. She keeps trying to cause trouble. Meanwhile Noah hides Claire in one of the L5's house (the vortex guy), since she's his daughter and the catalyst. Of course Sylar finds her there but when Elle and Sylar try to use their powers they find that they're gone. So Noah dislocates Sylar's arm and Elle is about to shoot Noah when Claire steps in and gets shot herself. Noah hits Elle and knocks her down. Claire also lost her power and can't heal. He brings her home and refuses to take her to the hospital. He leaves even though he said he wouldn't and Claire gets worse and looks like Sandra takes her to the hospital. Sylar and Elle recover and kiss and Noah has a sniper aimed at them.
Peter and Nathan decide to go to Haiti to get The Haitan. Nathan looses his power and they fall in so water but they're okay. They argue, Nathan is a puppet and Peter always needs saving. They run into The Haitan and find out the L5 person he's after is his brother. Of course Nathan gets captured and he's told that Arthur knew he was coming. This is because Tracy told him that was Nathan's plan. Angela seems like she doesn't fully trust Tracy.
All they showed for next week was how Claire is in the hospital fighting for her life. So stay tuned for The Eclipse Part II.

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