Thursday, November 20, 2008

Heroes - 11/17

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I meant to write about it immediately on Tuesday. Well Monday night after having a horrible non-stop pain on my upper left tooth (I suspected wisdom tooth) I went to the Dentist. Sure enough it was my wisdom tooth. They again lectured me about how I need to get them all pulled and then she informs me they can pull the one that's giving me trouble that night. So I got my wisdom tooth pulled and I have to schedule a visit to a specialty dental clinic to get the rest pulled. I have to be put under for the rest. I'm so looking forward to it (insert sarcasm). Anyhow because of that I wasn't really feeling up to posting so anyhow back to Heroes.
Peter is without powers and so Claire feels like she has to protect him. Knox and Flint come after them and Peter runs while Claire stays to deal with them. She's not scared so Knox doesn't get strong and Flint can't really hurt her. She jumps out the window and her and Peter escape. Then they meet them again underground and they inform Claire that they're not after Peter but her. Peter comes and saves her.
Angela is still stuck in her head. Matt & Daphne go to Primatech to see if they can help. They find Angela laying in bed and no one around. So he goes into her head. She's being held captive by Arthur. Somehow Daphne gets in too and she confesses her love for him and they get Angela out too.
Mohinder is still trying to perfect "the formula" and figures out that it needs a catalyst to work and that catalyst is a person. Then Arthur says something about "him" hiding that person from him and they show him looking at Kaito's file and then Claire's file.
Claire figures out that she's the catalyst and Team Angela is formed. That team consists of Angela, Matt, Daphne, Peter & Claire. Also Team Arthur is formed, consisting of Arthur, Sylar, Elle, Knox, Flint & Tracy.
Oh Nathan goes to visit his dad and Arthur tries to get him on his side but Nathan wont. Tracy then goes to Arthur and tells him she will work on Nathan to get him on Arthur's side.
Hiro gets turned into his 10 year old self thanks to Arthur. Ando has to teach him about his power and they spend a lot of time being goofy.
Elle is locked up and Sylar goes to her. She zaps him a bunch of times and takes her anger out on him. Then asks him to kill her but he won't. Instead he tells her he forgives her for turning him into a monster and that she needs to forgive herself. She then does and her pain stops and he gets her power. So now they both have the same power and she tries to show him how to use it.
Oh and an eclipse is coming, which will leave all our heroes powerless.
I thought it was an okay episode. The Hiro story was too much of season 1 when Hiro was goofy and trying to figure out his power. Hopefully next week is better.

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