Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heroes - 11/10

Not the best episode this season but it did answer some questions. I mean they did show a lot of stuff that we had already seen Season 1.
So Meredith's brother is Flint, who is a Level 5 escapee now and working for Pinehearst. He's not a very smart person as Meredith clearly explains. She hates the company because it's their fault that she set the fire and though Claire was dead. Also she was once an agent working for The Company but then was let go. Notice how Claire saved the fireman from the fire that Meredith set while she was still there.
Arthur Petrelli was trying to kill Nathan to go through with "the plan" with Linderman. So the truck that ran down Nathan & Heidi was not sent by Linderman. The rest we already know. Angela finds out that Arthur is trying to kill her "baby" aka Nathan and decides she will kill him instead. So she gets the Haitan to come and poisons Arthurs soup. He then has a heart attack and as they're trying to ship him off to The Company or dispose of his body (it wasn't too clear) Nathan walks in and spoils their plans. Well it turns out Arthur doesn't die, he's just paralized but can communicate through mind and has the Dr tell them that Arthur died and Angela wants him cremated. The rest we know.
Also Grabiel/Sylar is trying to kill himself because he is full of guilt from that murder he commited. In come Elle and saves him and cozies up to him. Her and Noah are working to try to get Sylar to kill so they can study how he takes their powers. Elle doesn't want to because she likes him and doesn't want to turn him into a monster. In the end she gets him to kill and he lets her go.
We see glimses of Mohinder, driving a cab, Peter gets out and Noah gets in. Peter has his hair that just annoys me. Then at the end Hiro wakes up and Usutu gets his head chopped off by Arthur and he takes Hiro's head and to be continued...
Hopefully next week is better than this week.

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