Thursday, September 04, 2008

TV - Yay!!

It's September and that means new TV shows and returning TV shows. Here's my list of shows I'll probably be watching.

New Shows:
90210 - CW premieres Monday 09/02 7PM
I already watched it and it wasn't too bad. I was a big fan of the original and it was nice to see Kelly and Brenda from the original series.
Fringe - FOX premieres Tuesday 09/09 8PM
From the creators of Lost. About a plane crash where they all survive but mysteriously die later on. Sort of like X-Files (which I loved) and Lost (which I also love). It also has Joshua Jackson and I really liked him in Dawson's Creek.
My Own Worst Enemy - NBC premieres Monday 10/13 9PM
About a guy that is living a double life but doesn't know it, starting Christian Slater. Looks intereresting too.

Returning Shows:
House - FOX premieres Tuesday 09/16 7PM
Last season left off with the bus crash involving House and Amber. House survived but Amber died and it was kind of his fault. Wilson seems blames House and their friendship is on the rocks.
Supernatural - CW premieres Thursday 09/18 8PM
I only caught this show when I wasn't watching other shows and I catch some reruns now and again. But if I have nothing else to watch I'll watch this show.
Heroes - NBC premieres Monday 09/22 8PM
I LOVE this show and cannot wait for it to return. Last season left off with Sylar getting his powers back. Nathan got shot at the end as he was having a media conference to tell the world about the Heroes. Nikki supposedly died, but she probably didn't. Oh I can't wait!!
Survivor:Gabon - CBS premieres Thursday 09/25 7PM
New survivors back in Africa.
Grey's Anatomy - ABC premieres Thursday 09/25 8PM
Meredith got back together with Derek at the end of the season. Callie turned lesbian. Lexie has the hots for George.
The Offfice - NBC premieres Thursday 09/25 8PM
Jim was going to propose to Pam but just as he was about to propose Andy proposed to Angela and everything got spoiled. Jan is pregnant but not with Michael's baby.
ER - NBC premieres Thursday 09/25 9PM
I haven't watched the last episode of last season yet, it's on a DVD-RW somewhere. I might watch this since it's the last season.
Samantha Who? - ABC premieres Monday 10/06 8:30PM
I only watched this only so I'll probably do the same
Eli Stone - ABC premieres Tuesday 10/14 9PM
Last season left off with Eli getting his brain aneurysm removed and he wouldn't wake up. But he woke up right at the end.

That's it for shows, Lost won't be coming back until January, which kind of sucks!

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