Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Apple Orchard

We went to the apple orchard last Saturday (09/20). We of cours forgot our camera. The kids had a lot of fun there. They had goats, chickens, geese and ponies to pet. Xavier fed the ponies some hay and he thought it was so funny when they ate it off his hand. They had a little play area too. We went on a tractor/hay ride around the orchard. Then we did the Apple Cannon. It's a thing that shoots apples out using compressed air. Xavier rode the Cow Train ride and loved it. We bought some apples, which I'm planning to use to make an apple pie this weekend. I wish I would have brought my camera though.

Apple Cannon:
Cow Train Ride:
I took all of the images off of Apple Jack's Orchard website. www.applejacksorchards.com

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