Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heroes - Tabula Rasa (10/19)

Good episode last night and we got to see some people use their abilities.

Peter - He brought Hiro to the hospital and we find out he has a brain tumor that is killing him. So Peter says that he will help him and heal him somehow. Emma has a lot of questions about abilities and Peter tells her to talk to Hiro about it. He teleports to Noah's apartment and since it's been a while since he has teleported he ends up in the bathroom. Claire is also there doing her laundry. So Noah finds a boy, Jeremy that can heal. Well at least he did when he was 13 years old and Noah visited him and had the Haitian wipe his memory. At Jeremy's house they find two dead parents and a bunch of dead plants. Then Jeremy starts shooting at them. Peter tries to be heroic and stops time but too late and gets shot. Jeremy says his ability is bad and all he does is kill everything he touches. Noah tells Jeremy he can heal him and he does. So Peter takes Jeremy's ability and flies back to Hiro. Noah stays with Jeremy to make sure he's okay.

Hiro - He tells Emma that she can use her ability to help people. She is in denial. He puts on a talent show and shows her that using you ability helps people. She plays the piano and people clap for her. Then Hiro disappears and ends up at the Burnt Toast Diner where Charlie is.

Sylar - He is at the Carnival and Samuel is trying to get him to remember who he is. Edgar picks a fight with Sylar and he uses his power. Then Samuel takes him to the house of mirrors and Sylar sees what he has done. He is in denial over doing those things and he has memories of being Nathan. Samuel then invites the cop that is looking for Sylar to the carnival to try to get the real Sylar to come out. Sylar doesn't kill him but Edgar does. Then Samuel invites and baptizes Sylar into the carnival. Also looks like Lydia likes Sylar and Edgar is jealous.

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