Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Heroes - Acceptance (10/05)

Looks like they will be splitting up the character's stories each week. Which I think is better because we get more of their story at once.

Hiro - He is still dying and still determined to use his power to go back and change things. Kimiko asks him to give her away at the wedding and Hiro accepts. When Ando hears this he tells him that he might be dead by then and he needs to tell his sister the truth. Hiro gets a call from a former employee that is on the roof trying to kill himself. The reason he's trying to kill himself is because he got fired for copying in his butt and it has shamed his family. Hiro goes back and changes it for about 40 times and finally just talks to him and tells him he needs to find some other job and that he needs to tell the truth and do something he likes. This talk gets Hiro to talk to his sister and he tells her the truth. Then he gets a horrible headache then gets better and disappears.

Tracy - She gets ready and goes and gets her old job back. She realizes that she's changed and she's not as heartless as she used to be. She talks to Noah about it and he tells her that she has changed and that her old job won't be the same. She decides not to take the job but do something that will make a difference.

Nathan/Sylar - Nathan is going crazy because suddenly he has all these powers. He talks to Peter about it but he thinks it's just how the family is and it's normal. Nathan says that he can tell the history of items by touching them and that when he touched and old baseball hat he thinks he killed someone. That someone would be Millie's daughter (we met Millie last season helping Angela). Peter tells him to go visit Millie and find the truth. Turns out Millie says her daughter ran away. Nathan looks around and by touching objects he find out they were drinking and she fell off the diving board and hit her head. He confronts Angela about it and she fesses up that the Haitian erased his memory and that she took care of it. He says he needs to tell Millie the truth but Angela doesn't think he should. He does anyways and Millie won't believe him. But in a parking lot we see Nathan get stabbed and then later shot and buried. And because he's really Sylar we see him come out of the ground alive. Looks like Millie had him taken care of.

Noah - He gets a visit from Peter and he says he has the compass tattooed on his arm but then it's not there anymore. They argue a little bit but then Claire comes and Peter leaves. Claire tries to convince Noah to get a job, a real job. Nothing much happens but Claire spending time with her dad.

At the carnival Samuel is suspicious of Edgar and Lydia. He tries to get Lydia to show him another person but it still shows Noah. He gets frustrated and Lydia says maybe he's interested in them again.

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