Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heroes - Hysterical Blindness (10/12)

Sylar - He really does look like Sylar now and he can't remember who he is. A psychologist tries to help him remember and a cop is impatient with him. They find out he's Gabriel Grey and that he's a murderer. Sylar says he's not a killer and uses his powers and escapes. He gets picked up by the psychologist who says she'll help him but he needs to turn himself in. The police find them and Sylar gets shot and he falls down a hill with psychologist. She sees him heal and then tells him to run.

Peter - He has lunch with his mother and she doesn't listen to him. He goes to work and on his way he saves Emma from getting hit by a car. She was too distracted by seeing sounds. Peter accidentally picks up her power because he can't run super fast anymore. He finds Emma at the hospital and tells her she has an ability and he picked hers up. She is skeptical and they play piano together and promise to have lunch together the next day. She goes home and plays the cello and gets angry and sends the sound waves crashing to the wall getting them to crack.

Claire - She is going to join a sorority along with Gretchen. She grows paranoid of Gretchen when she sees a lot of pictures of Claire on her computer and gets freaked out. Then it seems like Gretchen almost hits someone she was talking to at a party with a flag pole. When Claire confronts Gretchen about this is she is greeting with a kiss. Gretchen tells her that she is crushing on Claire and she is stunned. Then the sorority house comes to pledge them in.

One of the sorority sisters is Rebecca and she has an ability too. She also knows Samuel and she is working for him to try to isolate Claire. She can turn herself invisible and she was responsible for Anne's death and the flag pole.

At the carnival we see Samuel trying to get a face on Lydia's back. He gets one but we don't get to see. He also welcomes Sylar into the carnival and he plants some seeds.

Peter is visited by Hiro, who collapses in front of him.

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