Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heroes - Strange Attractors (10/26)

I didn't think this episode was that great and not a lot happened. I think I like following Peter and Hiro better.

Noah - He stuck around to help Jeremy, but the cops have arrested Jeremy. They say the kid is weird and he killed his parents. So Noah calls in Tracy to help since Jeremy needs next of kin to get him out. So Tracy becomes aunt Tracy and she talks to him. She tells him about her ability and how hard it is to control and how she relates to him. Outside Samuel comes to her and brings her to the carnival and tells her that Jeremy belongs there and so does she. He gives her the compass and tells her to use it when she wants to come. When she gets back to get Jeremy he is still scared/angry. On the way out there is a mob of people and one guy comes up to Jeremy and he touches him and kills him. This makes the cops bring him back in and especially two cops that take it upon themselves to punish him. They do this by dragging him behind a truck and therefore killing him (this reminded me of that Supernatural episode where the guy was killed like that and they had to scare the ghost to death by doing the same thing again). Noah is upset and Tracy tells him not to call her again. She sits in her car and looks at the compass.

Claire - She is talking to Gretchen about what happened (the kiss) and then someone comes in with masks to kidnap them. Claire starts kicking their butts but Rebecca (the sorority head) tells Claire to stop beating them up they're just doing sorority stuff. So they take them (Gretchen, Claire and two other girls) to a slaughter house for a scavenger hunt. Except the scavenger hunt turns into Rebecca trying to kill Gretchen (which Claire figures out). She finds out that Rebecca can turn invisible and hits her with the hooks and Rebecca runs away. Claire is stuck on a hook and heals in front of the two other girls.

Matt - He is still being haunted by Sylar. Only now Sylar took over his body while he was with Janice. So Matt decides to figure out how to get rid of him. He does this by drinking and Sylar is getting hurt each time Matt drinks. Matt passes out as Janice and his sponsor come home. Matt wakes up and says he's better and goes to get a shower. That's when we see that Sylar took over his body when he passed out and now it's Sylar in control and Matt wanting his body back.

Next week looks like we'll see Hiro and Charlie and everything that happened three years ago. Will Hiro change the present?

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