Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost - 01/28

So some thoughts on last night's episode. I knew that Widmore was one of the guys that Juliet and Sawyer caught. I thought last night's episode was good. It answered some questions but it did raise some as well.
Desmond is trying to find Daniel's mother. He told him to go to Oxford to find her. I was a little confused as to why he would tell him that. Was he supposed to find his mother there or just information on how to reach her. Maybe she was a professor at Oxford too. I'm thinking she's that Hawkins lady that we saw at the end of last week talking to Ben. I think she we also saw her when Desmond was time traveling. Was she ever on the island? Anyhow Desmond goes to Oxford asking for Faraday. But he finds out that Faraday's research and himself were basically erased from Oxford. He finds the old lab, since he had been there before and finds out that something happened to some girl and that Daniel was responsible. Whatever happened to that girl, afterwards Daniel went to the U.S. and was never heard from again. So Desmond find the girl, Theresa (I think that's her name) and we see that she's in a vegetative state. I'm thinking that Faraday either intentionally or on accident tried the experiment on her and messed her up. So she's time traveling just like Desmond was.
On the island, Daniel, Charlotte and Miles get caught by others. They think they're military for some reason and they have an H-bomb. Daniel says he will render it inert for them and they think he's on a suicide mission. He convinces them to trust him by telling them he loves Charlotte (which we already knew) and that he would never let anything happen to her. They agree and a girl named Ellie escorts him to the bomb. He tells her that she looks familiar. I'm thinking that maybe she's his mom. I'm sure we'll find out more about her later. He sees that the bomb has a crack in it and tells her they need to bury it. I don't remember this but did he dig that bomb up before? He tells her it will still be in the ground in 50 years. Charlotte has horrible headaches still and Daniel is concerned. I think it has something to do with being born on the island (I think she was born there) and then coming back and experiencing all that time travel.
Locke talks to Richard (who never ages!) and gives him the compass. He tries to figure out how to get off the island but Richard won't tell him. Also he meets Charles Widmore.
So as Locke is talking to Richard, Daniel talking to Ellie they flash again and time travel. The camp is gone, the bomb is gone. When are they now? Oh and the Charlotte gets a bloody nose again and passes out and Daniel seems very upset.
I'm wondering if they are just traveling back in time more and more or if it's totally random. At first I thought it was random when they were trying to find the hatch and it wasn't there and then it was, but I think maybe they just keep getting further and further back in time.

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