Friday, January 16, 2009

5 Days

Only five days until Lost is back. It's been so long I've nearly forgotten what happened last season. So let's see if I remember correctly. Sayid, Sun, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Aaron all got off the island. Also Desmond but he went with Penny. The media were calling them "The Oceanic Six" and they get free flying privileges for life. Kate said that Aaron was her son and that she gave birth on the island. She also went to court for what she was arrested for and Jack testified for her and she got off. So now she's living in a nice house with Aaron. Jack proposed to her but he screwed things up when he found out she was doing something that she promised Sawyer she would do. Then at the end we see that Locke died and Ben tells Jack that they all have to go back. We assume that Jin died on the boat, I don't think he really died. Sun had her baby and I forget what she named her. She stood up to her father and basically became his boss. Hee, hee. She had a meeting with Widmore and she seems to be helping him. Hurley ends up in a mental hospital where he keeps seeing people from the island, Charlie and Echo. So this season is about them going back to the island (which disappeared because Ben moved it) and seeing what happened to those that stayed behind. I of course will recap the episode on Thursday. I can't wait!

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