Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost - 01/21

The season premiere was last night and it was 2 hours long. It still left many unanswered questions and it had me trying to figure out some logic. My best way to recap this episode is to go by each character or group of characters.

Daniel Faraday - He was on the island before. Back when the Dharma Initiative was starting up and building all their stations. They come across a wall they can't dig through and they get a print out of what behind it and it looks like the lever that Ben turned to move the island. Plus all the workers can drill there and it melts the drill and one of the workers passes or dies with his nose bleeding. I'm assuming this is important. So I'm assuming that Daniel has time traveled somehow since he was on the island that long ago. We are then back to the present and he's on the boat going back to the island. He makes a comment about how they were inside the radius. So he knows that the island has moved. He gets back to the beach and tries to tell the other castaways that they are moving through time and he has to figure out "when" they are. They find the hatch, the one that Locke found and that Desmond is in. Sawyer goes to the back door and knocks but Faraday says they can't meet since they've never met. But after they all leave he talks to Desmond and tells him to go to Oxford and find his mother. Because the rules don't apply to Desmond.

Desmond - He's still with Penny and he wakes up and says he had a memory. The memory would be that he talked to Faraday. I'm assuming it doesn't matter when and where Faraday and Desmond are since they are each other's constants they can always talk to each other.

Jack - We start off with Ben and him looking over Locke (dead). He tells Jack that they need to round up the Oceanic 6 and go back to the island. Jack finally shaves his ugly beard.

Sayid - He rescues Hurley and takes him to a safe house. Except there are men waiting for him and he kills them but in the process get darted and passes out.

Hurley - He takes Sayid to his parents house. Cops come looking for him but his dad tells them he's not there. His dad takes Sayid to Jack and Jack helps Sayid. In the process Jack calls Ben and tells him he has Sayid. Ben visits Hurley and tells him that they have to go back. Hurley doesn't trust Ben and turns himself into the cops.

Kate - She leaves her house after some lawyers come telling her they need a blood sample from her to make sure she's Aaron's mom. She freaks out and runs off. She gets a call from Sun and meets with her. Sun tells her she doesn't blame her for Jin's death. She also tells her that wouldn't she do anything to keep Aaron safe.

Sun - She meets with Widmore and they both want Ben dead. I think she's the client of the lawyers and the reason she did that was to get Kate's help in killing Ben.

The Islanders - They keep traveling through time. Charlotte gets a bloody nose and Daniel seems to know what is causing it. Sawyer and Juliet get captured by Others. A young guy asks them what they're doing on his island. I'm sure that guy is important. Maybe he's a young Ben or Widmore?

Locke - He's also time traveling on the island. He sees a small plane crash and we know that the plane is the same one that we saw before that had Echo's brother. He tries to get it but gets shot in the leg. He skips time again and this time the plane has been there for a while. He runs into Richard and he gets the bullet out of his leg and tells him that next time they meet they won't know each other. He gives Locke a compass and tells him to clean the wound every couple of hours. Then we see Locke again rescuing Sawyer and Juliet.

So this season will be about how they get the Oceanic 6 back to the island and why exactly they have to go back. By them going back will the other castaways stop traveling through time? Will all this time travel eventually kill them? I can't wait for next week!

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