Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lost - 03/04

We start off the episode with Horace (who we've seen before) trying to blow things up. Some Dharma men say they have to go get Mr. LaFleur. They knock on his door and it's Sawyer!! He goes to Horace's house and he's talking to a woman and she's pregnant. She goes into labor. Then we flash to 3 years earlier and it's right after Charlotte died. Daniel is messed up because they flashed and she was gone. Then they come across a woman having a bag put over her head and a Dharma man being shot. So Sawyer decides to interfere and asks Daniel what they should do. Daniel says that where ever and whenever they are that's where they'll stay so what will happen has happened and it doesn't matter what they do. So Sawyer shoots the two men and helps the woman. That woman is the same one that we saw going into labor. They get her to bring them to her camp. They get to the fence and Juliet tells her to disarm it. She says she does and she goes in first and as soon as they walk in they go on conscious. She was wearing earplugs.

Sawyer wakes up and there is Horace. He asks him who he is. He tells him his name is James LaFleur and that he is captain of a salvage ship and that they were going to Tahiti and got shipwrecked on the island. He says they have more survivors they were looking for. Horace tells him a sub will bring them to Tahiti and they will send their friends along later. He goes and talks to Juliet, Miles, Jin & Daniel. He tells them what is going on. Then Daniel sees Charlotte as a little girl. Suddenly sirens turn on and everyone heads inside. They look out the window and there is Richard.

Horace goes and talks to Richard. He says that they had a truce and that the Dharma people broke the truce by killing two of his men. So Sawyer asks to talk to him. He goes to Richard and calls him by his name then tells him that he knows him and then tells him about Locke and asks if they buried the Jughead. So then Richard believes that he's not Dharma and that he's the one that killed the men. Richard wants the woman's husband to bring back with them and that's what they do. Horace also tells Sawyer he will give him two weeks to get on the sub.

Then we go 3 years later and Sawyer goes to find Juliet. She's under a van working on it. He tells her he needs her help to deliver a baby. She helps her give birth. Sawyer comes home and Juliet is there cooking dinner. They hug and kiss. Then at the end of the episode he is laying in bed with Juliet and the phone rings. It's Jin and Sawyer quickly leaves. He gets to a meeting point and out of the van comes Hurley, Jack and Kate!

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