Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heroes - 03/09

Shades of Gray

I figured it would be a good episode by the name of it. It was a good episode but I was expecting a little more with Sylar's father.

He meets his father and he's on and oxygen tank and pretty much weak. He teaches Sylar about taxidermy. Then Sylar accidentaly cuts his hand and shows his father how he can heal. His father then wants to take the power from Sylar but Sylar of course won't let him. He leaves him there and tells him that he won't let him take his healing power and that he will die a slow painful death.

Danko knows that Nathan has been hiding something. Nathan disarms the bomb that is strapped to Matt. Matt reads someone's mind on how to disarm it. He gets the president to kick Danko off the team. Then Danko exposes Nathan by throwing him out a window and witnesses him flying. So now Danko is in charge again. He also questions Angela and we learn that there was some kind of tragedy that happened in 1993 and that she is surprised Danko survived. Then we see Danko go to his apartment and there waiting for him is a bunny (the one that Sylar killed and stuffed) and also Sylar.

Claire gets a visit from Doyle. He says that Rebel told him that Claire would help him. She refuses because he's evil. He walks away and Claire decides to get a job at the comic book store. She gets hired and after work she ends up helping Doyle. He's still evil but she decided to help others with powers. Then she gets a text that her free pass is up and that agents are coming for her. We see agents go in her house and Claire is outside the window with her father Nathan.

Ando and Hiro go to help Matt Parkman. Well turns out Matt Parkman is Janice's son (Matt's ex-wife). So that really is his son.

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Dan said...

Good recap. Why don't you recap The Legend of the Seeker too? I bet there's someone out there that may want to start watching that show and could use your help catching up on it.

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