Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heroes - Into Asylum

It was a good episode, but not as good as last week's. Plenty of Sylar though, which is a plus!

Nathan & Claire - They are in Mexico and have no money. What I don't get is why Nathan has flying hair and Claire doesn't. Claire sells the necklace that Noah gave her so that they have money to eat. At a bar they see some guys and Nathan tries to win money by out drinking them. He looses and so Claire convinces them to do a re-match with her. She wins all the money back and their money. With her ability she can't get drunk. Nathan tells her that he screwed up majorly and that he wants to try to fix things. So they take off together.

Peter & Angela - They are taking refuge in a church. It's the same church that Angela & Arthur got married in. She tells Peter that she hasn't had a dream for a long time and that sleep needs to be earned. He takes care of her though. But then some agents come and they hide out in the confessional. Angela tells Peter that she was just like him. When she first got her ability she had dreams about the world ending and she tried to stop it. She said it cost her though and ruined her relationship with her sons and husband. Just then the door opens and it's Noah. He tells the agents that "it's all clear!" and leaves Peter and Angela. Later on we see Peter waking Angela up. She said she had a dream and she knows what to do. She tells him they need to find Nathan and Claire and bring the family together and go see her sister.

Sylar & Danko - They are going after a guy and he gets away. Sylar tells Danko that he can help him round them all up but Danko won't listen. Finally Sylar tells him that the guy they're looking for is a shape shifter. The guy runs but they loose him. So Danko decides to listen to Sylar. They go to the shape shifter's apartment and find out that he will be at a bar called Garden of Eden. They get there and see that he has taken the form of Danko and is making out with a girl. Shape shifter sees them and hides. Then we see Danko at the bar and Sylar comes up to him and tells him that they lost him. They begin to exit and Danko shoots Sylar, but it wasn't really Sylar but the shape shifter. Then the real Sylar comes and Danko tells him not to cut the shape shifter's head open but he can take his ability. So they fake Sylar's death and the real Sylar gets a new ability. Noah comes and sees Sylar in a body bag, but he looks skeptical. Then in the car Danko tells Sylar that when they're done he will be the only one left.

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