Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Heroes - 03/02

I thought last night's episode was better than last week's. Actually any episode with Sylar (he's awesome!!) is a good episode.

Sylar is traveling with Luke still. They talk about why he wants to find his father and Luke insists that parents suck! They find an old diner that is boarded up and Sylar remembers it. He remembers being there as a little kid with his dad. He was playing with a hot wheels car and dropped it in the paneling. He opens up the paneling and finds it. Then he remembers his dad getting some money from a man and then being left. He runs into the parking lot and sees his dad slice his mom's head open and drive away. He slices her head open the same way that Sylar does. He then decides he needs to find his father so he can kill him because he left him and killed his mother. Luke says that they should just head to Canada but Sylar pins him to the wall. He then decided to not kill him and leaves him at the diner.

Matt & Peter are trying to go after Daphne. They get a message from Rebel. I have a theory that Rebel is Noah. Anyhow it says that she is in a building in Washington DC and so they head there. Once there Peter takes Matt's power and tells him they'll be more powerful if they both have the same power and work together. They use their minds to get into the building. This reminds me of Jedi mind tricks. Anyhow once inside they find out Daphne was moved to a medical facility. Rebel shows them a file containing video of when they were loaded onto a plane. Peter happens to have a thumb drive with him and puts it on there.

Nathan is with Danko and Noah. They find out Peter is with Matt and Danko wants them killed on site. Nathan doesn't want Peter to die and tells Danko to follow his orders. Danko tells him that he is following someone else's orders. They see Peter and Matt in the room and try to get to them. Noah says to pull the fire alarms to disrupt Matt & Peter's powers. It works and Matt & Peter try to escape. Peter runs off but Matt gets captured.

Peter then contacts Nathan and says that he wants Daphne and Matt in exchange for him not releasing the video to the media. Nathan agrees but Danko doesn't and sets a trap for Peter. At the rendez vous point Noah uses his mind to try to tell Peter it's a trap but Peter gets shot in the shoulder. He falls off a building but Nathan flies him off. Then he is with Angela and Nathan and he has his arm in a sling. Nathan tries to convince him to have him help him and they hug and Peter steals his power and flies away.

Danko sees the painting that Matt did with explosives strapped to himself. So he drugs him and makes the painting come true and drops him off in Washington DC.

Claire is still hiding Alex in her closet. It looks like they like each other. Her mom comes up to her room and Mr Muggles finds a sandwich under the bed. Her mom then opens her closet and finds Alex. Claire explains to her that he has a power and she is trying to help him. Sandra is upset that Claire lied to her. Agents come to their house and they hide Alex in a secret space that Noah hid things in. The agents come and search the house but do not find them. Sandra says that they won't give up easily. She helps Alex with a fake ID. Then Sandra tricks the agents into following her while Claire and Alex run out back. He gets away and goes to the bus station. Then later Claire is home with her mom and she goes downstairs to get popcorn and Doyle is there (the puppet master guy). He has a text from Rebel "Claire will help you".

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