Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heroes - Cold Snap

No Sylar last night, but still a good episode. It looks like Sylar will be in next week's episode quite a bit.

Hiro and Ando are still with baby Matt Parkman. Somehow Hiro thinks it's the Matt Parkman and somehow he's a baby in their time. But then Ando says that he must be his son. Then they figure out that he has a power. He turns electronic things on and off without touching them. Janice comes home and says she called the police. They try to convince her that her son will be taken because he's special, then a knock comes. Some agents come to take the baby away. Somehow he turns on Hiro's power and he's able to stop time. But his power is not permanently turn on because he is unable to teleport himself and Ando out of there. So he gets a wheelbarrow and puts Ando in it and they travel 12 miles. Then he is able to stop the time that was frozen. They need to figure out what they will do with baby Matt.

Noah is talking to Angela. She says that he needs to show Danko that he's loyal and trustworthy by giving him a hero. He suggest her and she says that he needs to give him Rebel. So he tells Danko that they need to let Tracy go and that she will lead them to Rebel. The power goes off in Building 26 and turns off those heated lamps allowing Tracy to free herself. She finds a room with other people laying with IVs and frees Mohinder, then Matt. Matt frees Daphne and takes her. Tracy goes her own way and Mohinder & Matt take Daphne to the hospital.

Matt convinces the doctor to treat her without calling the police. Later we see Daphne wake up and she gets dressed and leaves. Matt follows her to Paris and tells her that he flew there. She isn't fooled and knows that she's dying and that he's inside her head giving her a happy ending. She asks him to fly her to the moon and then we see Matt holding her hand at the hospital while she flat lines.

Noah meets Tracy and tells her that he can either kill her or she can lead him to Rebel. She decides to cooperate with him. Tracy gets some money and a message from an ATM telling her to go to a locker at the bus station. She gets to the bus station and Rebel is none other than Micah (I knew it!!!). She gets upset because he's just a kid and she tells him that she lead them to him. He had a back up plan and gets some alarms to go off so they can escape. They get in a parking garage and she tells him to make the sprinklers go off. She then tells him to stay ahead of the ice. She freezes the whole place including herself. Then Danko comes and shoots her right in the chest. We are made to believe she's dead but then we see her frozen head on the ground blink. So she might not be dead after all.

Also Noah has given Danko, Angela and she knows it. She begins to run from the agents. She goes to and old friend to get money and her friend tries to convince her to give herself up but then give her money. Angela goes into a building and then an elevator. The agents break into the elevator to try to get her down. Right on cue Peter comes (I knew it!!) and flies her away. They end up hiding out in the Statue of Liberty.

Also forgot to mention that Danko gets a gift from someone. I'm assuming that Sylar has given him Doyle, with a tag that says "A Gift to you". So what is Sylar up to?

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