Monday, April 18, 2011

Supernatural - My Heart Will Go On

Supernatural was back with a new episode.  I liked it!

We start out with the boys watching Bobby drink and they finally go to say something and he kicks them out.  They see a potential job in a string of "accidents" and go and investigate.  Oh and Ellen is married to Bobby, Jo is alive and the boys drive a Mustang!  But everything is normal to them and they go like nothing is wrong.  First they figure the people being killed are all related but then someone dies that is not related.  They talk to Ellen and then figure out the connection between all of them is that their family all came to America on the same boat, The Titanic.  No one has ever heard of it and so Sam investigates.  There was a near miss where they nearly hit an iceberg but someone named I.P. Freely spotted it in time.  They find a picture of the crew and it's Balthazar that spotted it.  So they do a ritual and bring him and he says he hated the movie and that's why he did it.  He also tells them that because of it certain things got changed, no Impalas and Ellen and Jo are alive.  He leaves and they find out someone is killing them.  They try to save a guy and he is hit by a bus and they see a woman nearby.  Sam says she looks like a Librarian and Dean asks "Your kind of Librarian or my kind?"  to which Sam replies "Well she had clothes on."  They go to investigate and nearly get killed by her but are saved just in time by Castiel.  He tells them that it's Fate and they need to "tempt Fate" and kill her and that Balthazar has the weapon to do it.  So they walk around and there are several near misses and finally almost get killed by something falling off the roof.  Time stops and Castiel talks to Fate.  She tells him that because the Apocalypse never happened she has no job and there's no one in Heaven to tell her what to do.  So she was trying to correct things when Balthazar unsunk the Titanic.  She asks Cas if it is about the souls and how he needs more souls for his war.  She says if he kills her she has 2 more sisters that are worse than her and they will Target Sam & Dean.  So he agrees to sink the Titanic and put everything right so Sam and Dean can be safe.  They wake up in the Impala and both think they've had the same dream.  Castiel tells them he wanted them to remember everything.

Next week, they will travel back in time to the old west and meet the maker of the Colt.

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