Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Bakken Museum

I said I was going to post some pictures from when we went so here they are. The kids had a lot of fun and we did get zapped a few times.

Here is the entrance to the building. This is Dan and the kids walking in.

In the lobby after you pay ($5/person but we had two free admissions so we only payed for one) this thing will zap you. Put your left hand on the knob and as you crank the right hand knob your left hand gets zapped. We all got zapped, except X who refused to touch it.

We stayed here for a while. This is called a Wimshurst electrostatic influence generator.

It creates a 60,000 volt spark between those two ends in the middle. It was pretty cool. You just crank it and can see the spark.

They had a workshop set up where you can learn about electricity. You can hook up lights, motors and fans up to a battery. The kids loved it and we spent a long time there.

This gave the kids an opportunity to play with some magnets and a TV. Do not attempt this at home! They thought it was pretty cool.

Static electricity, we got zapped here several times. You turn cranks and if you got too close you got zapped.

Me and the kids sitting in an old chair.

The Florence Bakken Medicinal Garden

I think I would go back here again because there were a lot of interactive things to do.

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