Friday, June 05, 2009

My Cat

My cat's name is Aries Antares and she is a girl. I know she's named after the God of War but we just liked that name. Her middle name came from a friend in college. He was an Astronomy major and there is a star that is red like Mars called Antares. So her name is Aries Antares, which is kind of cancelling itself out. Antares pretty much means anti-Aries. LOL She was born in November 2000 and we got her in March 2001. We found out about a year later that she had Femoral Head Necrosis. Which pretty much means the femur head did not get enough blood flow and died and she was in a lot of pain. She had surgery done where they took the femur head out and replaced it with muscle forming a sling joint at her right hip. If you look closely at her, her right leg is slightly shorter than her left. But other than that she's like any other cat. Except she doesn't jump high much. But we love her and the kids love her and she takes a lot of abuse from the kids. I can't count the times she's hissed at them or bit them (not hard, just a warning bite). But yet she still cares about them and will be worried when they're not home. She was sad last weekend when our bunny, Rascal died. Dan got Rascal from one of my friends as a bunny when we were 16. We later found out his dad and brothers were allergic and I took him until we graduated high school. Then we moved in together and Rascal came to college with us. He's been through several moves and came to our house. He died on Saturday and he would have been 13 years old in November. He lived a good life and we gave him a lot of love. Not to mention the kids loved him too. We buried him in the backyard and I put a little bunny statue over his grave. Rest in peace Rascal, we love you!

Aries stretching:

I caught her mid lick:

Just sitting on the rug waiting:

In our arms like a little baby:

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