Monday, June 22, 2009

X's Birthday - repost

I've had a couple of people tell me they have had trouble viewing my blog. So I am reposting the last two posts and deleting them. I hope this works.

X had his birthday on the 30th. It was a perfect day, not too cold and not too hot. We had sloppy joes, fruit, pasta salad & chips to eat. The kids ran around outside and played. Then we had a bonfire until everyone left and the kids went to bed. They were both exhausted.

X with O and cousin A:

Getting ready to open his gifts:

O actually didn't try to open too many gifts. X was so fast I barely had a chance to see what he got and who it was from:

The theme was Transformers. I sent out Transformers invitations and put up a Transformers "Happy Birthday" banner. Also I found a Bumblebee keychain that I put on the cake. Bumblebee is his favorite Transformers character.

I also found these little Transformers candy masks to put on the cake. We had funfetti cake with homemade chocolate frosting.

He couldn't wait to start eating the cake and neither could O:

This is his actual birthday and opening presents from us. We got him a Nerf gun with extra balls, luckily they are soft and they haven't hurt anyone. We also got him a new pool for the backyard, once it finally warms up enough. A Dr. Seuss book "I can Read with my Eyes Shut", we've already read it several times. A leapster game, Jedi Math & Surf's Up sountrack. Also a new watch since he'll be learning to tell time in Kindergarten.

Here he is wearing his new watch, he insists on wearing it everyday now.

I can't believe he's five years old already and starging school in just a few short months.

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